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alvin a. ballesteros

Digital Marketing

Leads Generation and Brand Awareness

Project Manager

( +63 ) 0949-359-0217

( +63 ) 0927-743-6391



Licensed Real Estate Broker

Conveys his message well in Filipino

Shows by example.

Knowledgeable and has continuous mastery of his field in real estate. Supportive with the company ang his team.

Does what he preach or teach to the team.

Danilo F. Ruedas

Workshop Attendee

Was able to deliver a clear understanding of the details on every topic and subject handled.

Demonstrate application of learning to our realty businesses.

Key player in achieving team goals.

High influence and persuasive skills

Analyn C. Gacutan

Workshop Attendee

Broker Alvin has been very responsive when it comes to communicating with his colleagues and members, keeping us motivated in our daily work.

Has been a great colleague to me and to fellow sales agents especially in guiding us for some strategies and techniques in selling.

He is a great one when it comes to influence and persuasion. He always make samples or scenarios to make us entice in changing our little goals to a big one by presenting slides, pictures, etc.

Romnick G. Dubas

Accredited Real Estate Salesperson

Confidence he mean what he say. In sales and marketing he always said that sales and marketing are just telling good stories.

He empower all of us by introducing new innovation tools and application that trends in market selling.

He reach all of our team members at all the time to continue our handwork in selling.

He is sharing his experience and story. And i adapt it by means of doing activity until i gain the confidence and find out what is sales.

DJ A. Dimaliuat

President and Co-Founder of DRIVEN Marketing Group

Very passionate while communicating. Can improve some diction and tone of voice can be adjusted based on the Message.

He knows the importance of what he is talking about and can inspire and motivate people based on his belief on what he is saying.

He can still improve interpersonal skills. He is a good team player when he is with the right people.

He can still construct his message in a more enticing manner in order to gain more interest from the listener.

Joahnna Pauline T. Laoang

Workshop Attendee

A very accommodating person he always response to my messages anytime even on the middle of the night.

Since day one he help me step by step to become effective real estate agent.

Working with my team is such a blessing. We help each other and share what we know. We don't take advantage and bribe to each other.

I learned a lot of things from one on one talk with my broker, and when my colleagues conduct a seminar I apply what I learned to them and apply it to my prospect clients.

Marilyn J. Salud

Accredited Real Estate Salesperson

Expert in Technical skills and teaches it efficiently.

Good motivator and inspire as to work more hard.

Teaches us to work as a team and other techniques to be a good leader.

Great influencer and able to help us to show and do our best effort and work.

Salesperson under Broker Alvin Licensed.

Van Amada

VP International Sale and Training Director

DRIVEN Marketing Group

"Meet Real Estate License Broker Alvin B., he is one of my best co-workshop coach in Advance Digital Marketing. He is our Data Scientist, with his knowledge on the Data Science it will add more exposures and weight on Digital Marketing like in Social Medias and website. This really helps our participants to increase their leads, sales and meeting up their goals."

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