With today's technology, it is now super easy to create promotional ads, and now everyone is on the Internet or social media.

Even ordinary people can become famous or even earn more money while they are only at their home. I'm Alvin A. Ballesteros a Leads generation and brand awareness project manager. I'm also a coach, trainer and i'm writing my upcoming book for this.

I said before that some people become famous and even make more money because they figured out how to target specific groups of people who might be interested in their business. And figure out how to attract their attention with attractive photos or videos. Then encourage these people to subscribe to their channel or email updates.

So traditionally in leads generation and brand awareness it's NOT EASY! If you don't know the "HOW TO" and the tools you should use.

That's why I really check the best software out there for our industry and connect to those software developer.

In-short I'll share here, what are the software in leads generation and brand awareness that can help us! There are lot's of high-tech technology we can use to implement in our business. Some of them are super easy to use , that even high school student can navigate and understand.

I'll share LIFETIME ACCESS and DISCOUNTED PROMO that we can use in our Leads Generation and Digital Marketing Business







To manage all of those things, instead of talking and managing all those freelancers. Let all of them report and be manage by your Project Manager , Then the Project Manager will report to you and collaborate.